I’m a specialist clinical psychologist with almost two decades of experience in the NHS and the private sector.

I have worked with a diverse range of clients working across the life span, with mild to complex presentations and all manner of difficulties.

Every client has been unique: all experts in their own lives. A good therapist creates a safe space in the which they can listen, explore and facilitate. It is them, the client, that will grow, retell their stories and make the meaningful changes in their life. The best part of my job is watching this process unfold. 

I will never forget what a privilege it is to work therapeutically with people as they make sense of the struggles, dilemmas and dynamics in their life.

True beauty emerges from confronting your pain, as you work towards becoming a more authentic, grounded and fulfilled version of yourself.

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Managing overwhelm, grief and trauma as a single parent with Dr Rachel Master

The greatest sources of our suffering
are the lies we tell ourselves

The Body Keeps The Score,
Bessel van der Kolk

Working with Rachel was life changing. I was blown away with her discernment, empathy and nurturing style. I felt so safe in her sessions, I was able to reveal all of me, which led to some major breakthroughs. It was truly transformative and deeply healing, for that I am forever grateful.”