But what exactly is resilience? 

It is too easy to attribute resilience to a hidden, innate personal strength that we can take no responsibility for. Like being born with green, sparkly eyes or the privilege of wealth.

I don’t see it this way anymore. 

Having gone through my own hurdles, losses & transitions ; I believe resilience to be less a skill, more a felt experience that changes us & expands our sense of ourselves in the world. 

The hard stuff forces you to confront intense emotions. To find room for anguish & pain. We feel our sense of selves deepen. We grow layers of complexity.

Like an aged wine with subtle, fragrant undertones & hidden flavours only those with a trained palette can identify; resilience enables us to become richer, fuller versions of ourselves. 

The power is in the residual knowledge that you can bear extreme feelings. You can connect with others more deeply and you can find beauty in art, music & nature like never before.

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